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21 May 2007 @ 08:51 pm
Bloody hell. Thought I'd register to take English Composition online. I figured I'd see what was expected of me, see what resources I needed, and how much I'd have to participate online. Registered like normal, then I tried to figure out where to go to access my class. In the course catalog, it said "For specific information regarding accessing your online course, go to http://online.rrcc.edu" That just gives me a login page. I tried logging in with my student id and pin number, and it said I've entered an incorrect user name or password. So, I wondered if I had to create an account (and there wasn't a link anywhere to do that). I searched through the help and tried figuring out what to on that page awhile.

I also checked this page, which wasn't very helpful. It made me think that I had to reapply as an online student in order to get a login id. I had signed up for an online course last spring I think, and here it says, "If you have not attended RRCC since Summer 2006, you must reapply." Now, I've attended RRCC since then, but not online. So I wondered if it had kicked me out of the online system or something. So, I tried reapplying. But I gave up on that after a bit, because I was registered at RRCC, and it was just asking me things I'd filled out already, and it was proving fruitless.

So... what to do now? I hadn't received an email or anything telling me what to do once I registered for the class. I was about to say screw it and just take the course at the campus (Which I may end up doing anyway if the online course has a bunch of annoying requirements for participation, like having to respond to a certain number of posts each week or something. Of course, I may not find this out until class starts though, and then can I still change classes?) I just noticed that there is also CCConline, which I think is actually where I signed up to take the class last spring. Now, their website says that you will receive an email within 48 hours of registering explaining course materials, etc. So... should I just wait to see if I get an email? Or should I just take the class at campus, cause that may be easier? (Hey, the class at campus has a cheaper book!) I guess I can wait and see if I hear anything and then decide. Ah, I found the email for the professor too. Maybe I can just email him directly and ask what the requirements for the online course will be.
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purple_blizzardpurple_blizzard on May 22nd, 2007 02:07 pm (UTC)
I remember I was going to do an online class too and It wouldn't let me in so I just gave up I would e-mail the professor. RRCC online classes seem kinda confusing to me. You probably do have to reply to everyones posts. Goodluck in figuring it out.