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Bloody hell. Thought I'd register to take English Composition online. I figured I'd see what was expected of me, see what resources I needed, and how much I'd have to participate online. Registered like normal, then I tried to figure out where to go to access my class. In the course catalog, it said "For specific information regarding accessing your online course, go to" That just gives me a login page. I tried logging in with my student id and pin number, and it said I've entered an incorrect user name or password. So, I wondered if I had to create an account (and there wasn't a link anywhere to do that). I searched through the help and tried figuring out what to on that page awhile.

I also checked this page, which wasn't very helpful. It made me think that I had to reapply as an online student in order to get a login id. I had signed up for an online course last spring I think, and here it says, "If you have not attended RRCC since Summer 2006, you must reapply." Now, I've attended RRCC since then, but not online. So I wondered if it had kicked me out of the online system or something. So, I tried reapplying. But I gave up on that after a bit, because I was registered at RRCC, and it was just asking me things I'd filled out already, and it was proving fruitless.

So... what to do now? I hadn't received an email or anything telling me what to do once I registered for the class. I was about to say screw it and just take the course at the campus (Which I may end up doing anyway if the online course has a bunch of annoying requirements for participation, like having to respond to a certain number of posts each week or something. Of course, I may not find this out until class starts though, and then can I still change classes?) I just noticed that there is also CCConline, which I think is actually where I signed up to take the class last spring. Now, their website says that you will receive an email within 48 hours of registering explaining course materials, etc. So... should I just wait to see if I get an email? Or should I just take the class at campus, cause that may be easier? (Hey, the class at campus has a cheaper book!) I guess I can wait and see if I hear anything and then decide. Ah, I found the email for the professor too. Maybe I can just email him directly and ask what the requirements for the online course will be.
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