Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Hm, quite possibly I would only need to take 4 additional art classes for an art minor at Metro. I’ll have to talk to the art department to check and see if all of my classes will transfer. For some reason I thought you couldn’t minor in studio art. I thought I had seen that in the course catalog. But, nope, I was mistaken.

Edit: Curses, just checked Metro’s website. “Credits earned at a two-year college cannot be used to meet Metro State's upper-division credit hour requirement.” So, I’d still need two upper division art classes. Oh well, I wouldn’t mind taking more art classes, but it’d be nice to get credit for the classes I’ve already taken. I guess I can see if they’d still count as credit for electives. But I have a ton of elective credits, so I’ll probably end up having more than I need. At least they were classes I liked taking though, and it gave me more practice drawing.

Looking into other possible minors too... At first I had thought I’d minor in creative writing. The advisor did say it was possible to double minor, but I’ll likely end up with a ton more credits than I need. Still trying to work out how many elective credits I would have remaining, but I probably won’t be sure until I talk to the department heads and see what RRCC classes would count towards my major and minor and which would fall under electives, if I can get credit for them at all.

See, there’s just too many things I want to study. I’d have more credits than I know what to do with! I guess I could always study some things on my own. Ho hum. I am going to take intro classes in philosophy and psychology at Red Rocks, and those will count as gen. ed. So maybe I can satisfy my interests that way. But some of these other classes sound so interesting!
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