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Okay, for a major in Theatre, Metro requires 42 THE credits. CU Denver requires 48. A problem is that, as listed, only one of the theatre classes I’ve already taken will count as credit for the major. :( I can talk to the department and see if any others might count as credit, but I don’t know if they’ll take them. Meh, that kind of sucks.

Well, for a minor in Studio Art, Metro requires 27 credits. CU Denver requires just 18. I know that 9 of my art credits will transfer to Metro. I’ll have to talk to the CU Denver art department and see which classes they’ll take.

For a minor in Creative Writing, Metro requires 24 credits. CU Denver requires only 15. I haven’t taken any classes that’ll count towards this minor.

So, it looks like, if I want to double minor, CU Denver would be a lot likelier choice. Plus, they have more of a focus on film and television too. Although, it looks like I’d have to take more tech classes if I go there, while Metro has more acting classes. Hm...
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