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Trying to decide whether to go to Metro or CU Denver... First, I was sure about Metro, then I looked at CU Denver and thought that might be a better choice, and now I’m leaning towards Metro again. Also was pondering whether I should finish my A.A. first. I pretty much just need my general ed. courses, and I’ve decided to take those at Red Rocks since they’re guaranteed to transfer. And then I’d only need three more courses to get all my requirements for an A.A. in Theatre, so I think I might as well get it. I’ll likely end up with more than enough credits no matter which school I decide to go to. I was kind of mulling over that, and trying to figure out which school I could get the most out of the classes I’ve already taken. CU Denver requires less credits for the minors I’d be interested in, so I was leaning that way. But I talked with Pamela today (head of RRCC’s theatre department) and decided that I should go after whichever program I think I’d get the most out of for what I’d like to do in the future, and not worry about how long it takes me to earn a degree. I mean, if those are classes I want to take and will help me in my career, then I should go ahead and take them. I guess I really don’t need to be concerned with getting a degree fast.

So, right now I am thinking about pursuing a B.A. in Theatre at Metro and double minoring in Studio Art (Drawing) and Creative Writing. CU Denver has a Theatre, Film, and Television program, but it looks like I’d have to take more tech classes if I went there, while Metro’s is mostly focused on acting. And even if I do want to get into film and television, having a theatre background might actually be a help. Plus, for the minors, though Metro requires more classes, they’re actually classes I’d be interested in taking anyway. Except maybe language/linguistics and art history stuff. I was excited to see that CU Denver offered a class on Tolkien and one on fantasy literature, but I’d have to take them for electives, which I have plenty of already. And I could always see if I could get them to count for credit at Metro, or just take them for fun if I really want to. There’s actually lots of classes I would want to take, but I’d be way overboard credit-wise. If I’m really interested in studying certain things, I guess I could always buy a book or two on the subject. Which reminds me, I really should read more. Still have to finish my playwriting books, and I just bought a couple others a little while ago. I need more time in the day. *snicker*
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