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Talked a bit with my therapist/counselor about trying to decide what to do for college once I complete my A.A. And now I’m back to majoring in Theatre and minoring in Creative Writing. Although I’m not sure yet which school. When it comes down to it, acting and writing is what I want to do professionally. And though I would like to develop my talents in art and music, those are secondary. And my other interests such as philosophy, psychology, and spirituality could all be pursued on my own (even though a lot of the classes sound really interesting). So, I guess it’s best to focus on my main interests and not try to cram everything in all at once.

Now, if I would like to take some other courses for electives I can. Except then I wouldn’t get credit for all of the classes I’ve taken at Red Rocks. I guess that’s fine if there are some classes at Metro or CU Denver that I really want to take. I should have 13-19 elective credits to use depending upon where I go. I will have to ask which classes are offered as pooled classes between both schools too. Although I’m leaning towards Metro’s Theatre program, CU Denver offers a number of English and elective classes that I’d be interested in taking.

CU Denver has some interesting classes on Religious Studies and Philosophy. Both RRCC and CU Denver offer classes on the Old Testament and New Testament, which I’d really be interested in. I think studying the bible in an academic setting would be helpful. I’ve wanted to find a good translation and read the whole thing, but taking a class would provide discussion and a better understanding of it in context.

Also, I think I want to take a singing class and 2D Design for certain. I guess it all depends upon where I decide to go and which pooled classes are offered. And, I suppose after I get my degree I could always take a few other classes that I’m interested in but couldn’t fit in. I’m thinking about taking a costuming class at Red Rocks this fall just to learn how to do it, even though it’s not required for my degree. But I’ll try not to take too many classes that I could study easily on my own or that aren’t that important.

I guess I’ll just ask some more questions and see if I can get a better idea of what I want to do. I should have a year to think about it anyway. But I’ve gone back and forth so many times already, it may take me that long to decide. *snicker*
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