Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Man, anime is weird. I think, out of all the ones I’ve seen, Escaflowne is the most reasonable to me. And I thought that was pretty whacked out when I first saw it. At least they didn’t have souls embedded in talking stuffed lions. All I had to deal with were a psycho-hyper catgirl and a completely ridiculous villain who’s just so EVIL! *is totally going to make a Dilandau icon* He just makes me laugh every time I see him, hehe.

Their characters are just so stereotypical. And then they toss in weird shaking eyes and strange lines and completely random crap that just pops up and I’m like, “Wtf just happened!?” Yeah... I don’t think I’m an anime person. Although Escaflowne and Final Fantasy did inspire a new take on a story idea I had. And I keep picturing my one character in katana-wielding anime style (well, one of the styles I actually like). Think I’ll make it a comic. If I can perfect my drawing and design skills. But no hyper catgirls.

Oh, and Chris and I went to see Transformers yesterday with his nephew Blake. It was actually a lot better than I expected. And it was funny too, hehe.
Tags: anime, movies
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