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Hm... one of my story ideas (or a couple actually) I think would work well as screenplays. The only thing is, with movies you have less control over how things turn out. Someone could rewrite the whole thing! Is it better to write the story as novel so that you can be satisfied with having it exactly as you want it? And then, if you do end up getting a movie deal, if they screw it up, at least you can have your novel to fall back on and feel proud about. I don’t know, I don’t really like the idea of someone else messing with my work and not having any say about it. A collaboration would be one thing, but if my script gets passed on to another writer, what am I to do? They may actually make it better and completely wonderful, but it still gives me this uncomfortable feeling.

Now, when I had my play produced, Jim the director did change some things from how I had originally viewed them. He even offered suggestions for what I could do with the ending, but it was just me taking his advice and not him rewriting the script for me. It was all still my words, my story. I did find some stuff he added direction-wise that I wanted to actually write into the script, so it was a helpful experience. At least in theatre you’re required to respect the playwright’s work and not make any drastic alterations.

I guess I’ll have to learn more about it, maybe take a class on writing for film (CU Denver offers one). In any event, I have a lot of other projects to finish before I need to worry about that. Current plans for writing include editing and sending in Stareleon, writing a new version of my Dominion and Dionae short story, writing another children’s book, and starting to work seriously on my dark fantasy novel. I also think I ought to write out detailed scenarios for each of my stories, putting down all the ideas that I’ve come up with so far. That way I can easily organize things, and I don’t have to go searching through my tons of notes on little pieces of paper or trying to recall ideas I’ve thought up but never wrote down.
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