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01 August 2007 @ 10:50 pm
We went to see Dream Theater last night. Yea! :) It was fun. They played a wide variety of songs from all of their albums and included a couple songs that I wouldn't have expected them to play. They opened with the theme from 2001 too, hehe.

Here's their approximate setlist:

Constant Motion
Strange Deja Vu
I Walk Beside You
The Dark Eternal Night
Blind Faith
Lines in the Sand
In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 1 and 2

Then, for an encore, they did a medley of parts of Trial of Tears, Finally Free, Learning to Live, In the Name of God, and Octavarium. I think they also snuck in a couple parts from When Dream and Day Unite into some songs, but I haven't heard enough of that album to know for sure. Blind Faith is one of my favorite songs, so it was nice to hear that. Also, In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 2 sounds awesome live. :) The chorus is really powerful.

Angels fall
All for you
Demon heart
Bleed for us

Dark Master within
I will fight for you
Dark Master of sin
Now my soul is yours
Dark Master my guide
I will die for you
Dark Master inside

You can add that to the list of songs that represent Sathiel and his story. Systematic Chaos does seem like a darker album than many of their others, doesn't it?

Also, their stage setup was pretty cool, and the videos playing during their songs. All the elements from their album artwork. Also, during The Dark Eternal Night, they had this video playing with cartoon versions of the band that I got a kick out of, hehe. You can see some of it here. They're battling some evil monster. And there's John Petrucci shooting flames out of his guitar!! Hahaha!

Into Eternity and Redemption played as opening bands. My boyfriend liked Into Eternity a lot. I don't really care much for death metal vocals, but his high screaming was good. I liked Redemption better, and we got one of their cds. Chris ended up spending more on merchandise for him than for me. *snicker* He got an Into Eternity workshirt and a Systematic Chaos tour shirt. And I got a Dream Theater girlie shirt with a purple heraldry phoenix/eagle. I just noticed today that it's a size XL, so hopefully it'll shrink enough in the wash. They do run small, so it shouldn't be too bad.

So... yea! :)
Current Music: This band that handed us a cd as we left