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Damnit, I've come up with a new story! *snicker* A dark fairytale. Like the sort of stuff you don't read to kids at night. Sort of an effort to dispel some common fantasy themes. No dashing heroes or happily ever after. It's like the sort of fantasy world you don't want to find yourself in. And two kids find themselves there. And then have to find their way home without getting themselves killed. And they run into all kinds of crazy fscked up stuff, and find some unlikely help, hehe.

On a similar note, I'm finding that I miss my characters... I miss all the storylines we played out on Feudal Realms. I'm intending to write out detailed synopses for each of my story ideas, and I'd like to write out one for the Richaird storyline too. Just to record all these things in my head. And whatever happened to everyone? I don't see any Feudal people on livejournal anymore. And I just went to check the FR forum, and the site is down. Maybe Terloch didn't want to pay for it anymore or something. I know Chapel is semi-active over on myspace, but everyone else has seemed to disappear... I suppose I could go on aim and poke some people, but I don't know. I miss hanging out with our crazy bunch of folks. *snicker* Of course, now there's no real place to congregate except various online forums or social sites. And plus, everyone's probably busy with other stuff. I've got my own things to get done. It would be nice to keep in touch though. And maybe reminisce about old times. I know I shouldn't get wrapped up in the past, but sometimes I miss those things...
Tags: characters, feudal realms, past, writing
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