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Meds and stuff

So, it's been a week off of clomipramine. I'm having insomnia, increase of appetite, low mood, occasional anxiety, and weird gastrointestinal/sort of nausea stuff. I don't know if that's just the side effects of going off, and that they'll disappear after awhile, or if this is "normal" for me. I didn't seem to notice these kinds of bad effects when I was just on half my regular dose. I don't know how much longer I should wait before trying something else. I can either start on propranolol or effexor. I'm thinking it would be better to take propranolol along with clomipramine, cause it's mainly just a stage fright sort of thing. I don't know that it'll help with depression or anything. So... should I give effexor a try and see what that does? I have four weeks worth right now. But that helps with anxiety and depression. My boyfriend takes it and gets bad headaches if he misses a dose though. :( I guess I could give it a try and see if it helps. And if not, I guess that clomipramine is helping at least some, so I could go back on that.

Here's an interesting site that lists out what's prescribed for each type of disorder:

I haven't noticed any bad ocd habits in awhile. I think anxiety is the biggest thing, especially when I'm out around people. And just feeling meh and depressed, which kind of comes and goes.

Still wondering what to do with myself. I think I should at least work on writing my stories. I have my ideas I want to share, and I'd like to see them published someday. And I'm so close to finishing Stareleon, I should just get that done. I also have some books to read, drawings to work on and upload to my deviantart account which I haven't updated in forever. It's hard to really see meaning in some of that stuff though. I don't know. I have these desires and stuff, but it doesn't really seem worthwhile to do. I miss roleplaying, but I feel like that would just be a waste of time. I need to find something I enjoy that'll have some impact or get me somewhere. I guess my writing is the best thing.

Edit: Just started on effexor. I guess I'll see how that works.
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