Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Came up with a name for the little girl character in my dark fairytale. Her name is Melinda, Milly for short.

Also came up with a new character for Lifeblood. I had been pondering the idea of a female character, more sweet and subdued. I decided to make her the pilot of their airship, and her father was a pirate (which was actually the background of another character of mine). So that's how she ends up teamed up with the rebellion folk. I hope she doesn't seem too Kaylee-like though. I think that's who I based her on. She was gonna be an engineer before. *snicker* But, yeah. Their rebellion needs more people! So far, Tiren and Yana are doing all the work of kicking people's arses, and Riku is bemoaning having to "babysit" Corey. *snicker* But, yes, they need a pilot. So, here she is. I wrote down the name Aster before. Maybe I'll stick with that. I drew a cute little sketch of her that I like, and I was working on designing her outfit, but I think it's too modern, so I may scrap that. And I still need to work on Corey's character design. He's supposed to be the main character!
Tags: characters, lifeblood, writing
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