Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Have not been feeling social, so I've been neglecting to post. But anyway... After experimenting with meds and messing myself up, I'm now back on a half-dose of anafranil. I've determined that it is, in fact, still doing something for me. So far, 50mg is working fine, so I may just stay on this amount. I can get to sleep now, yea! And most of the other icky side effects have subsided. Wish I could find something to help with my breathing and tremor problems though, but not sure I want to go experimenting again.

What else? Oh yeah, I completed my very first sewing project: a little black floppy hat! :) Not exactly perfect, but I'm slowly figuring things out. I was almost ready to give up after the first week, but I'm feeling more comfortable now. My next project is a short sleeve peasant top. We'll see how that goes.

Oh, and I took some pictures of my newly organized (sort of) room. But I'm too lazy to resize them and post them. I never edited and posted the pictures from Theatricals either... Hm. Well, maybe you'll see them one day. So much stuff I should be doing... At least I'm keeping up with schoolwork. Wish I had time and motivation for other things though.
Tags: life, medications, organization, school
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