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Okay, I finally uploaded the pictures I took of my room. I also have some of my projects/designs from my costume and makeup classes, but I'll post those once I get a picture of my skirt which I should finish on Thursday.

My reorganized bookshelf. I really need more room, cause I've still got books lying around...

LotR action figures! Boromir, a ringwraith, and one of those evil human-folk that Faramir and his men attack. I have a bunch more in a bin in my dad's closet too. No Gandalf though...

And here's a Lego castle that I made a long time ago, complete with customizations. :)

The top of my bookshelf. I thought this made a neat tableau. :)

Cds! I need a bigger cd rack too...

This area still needs a bit more organizing. But I've nowhere to put anything! And look, the Nightwish biography I just got. :)

Poor Sam. I never took him out of his packaging. *snicker*

My desk. Nice and organized now. :) I could use a new laptop too. Mine is so slow...

Some of my posters. Lost and LotR. The Aragorn one kicks arse. :)

My Nightwish calendar.

This is my lightswitch. I bought the cover at the renaissance faire a couple years ago. It's a castle, and it's kind of blurry, but there's a knight on horseback in the lower left corner.

More posters on the other side of the room.

My dresser.

Still more posters. It's a lot easier to find Metallica posters than bands like Nightwish and Blind Guardian...

And here is my Skoula shrine, hehe.

My nightstand full of faeries and dragons. :)

My stuff for school. This was before school started I think. There's a bunch more stuff occupying that space now, hehe.

This is a huge pile of extra copies of plays I wrote for playwriting class. We killed so many trees...

Perhaps one of these days I shall tackle cleaning the closet as well...

At least the clothes are clean. Though a large number of my clothes are hanging on the rocking chair in my mom's room, cause I'm too lazy to put them away. *inno*

Yep. That's all. Oh, I ordered some stuff from the Nightwish shop too. *hops* Maybe I'll take some pictures of those once I get them.
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