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16 October 2007 @ 02:42 am
Wow. The Rockies are going to the World Series. How crazy is that? They've won 21 out of their last 22 games and have swept both of their playoff series! We weren't even sure they were going to make the playoffs a month ago. I must admit I'm not much of a baseball fan, and I had scarcely been paying attention except to hear how far they were away from getting the wildcard. The Rockies were actually close to getting a playoff spot? And then it kept getting closer... And then their chances were pretty much shot, but somehow they came back and everything fell into place. But where the heck did this winning streak come from? It's like they were bound and determined to make the playoffs, and they just kept going from there... There's actually a reason to watch baseball now. *snicker* And it's pretty unbelievable the way they're playing. Now you expect them to win each game. And it's pretty amusing watching them jump up and down and hug each other after each series win. I don't think they can believe it either! But considering the way they've played, I think they deserve it.