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20 November 2007 @ 02:32 am
Man, I had forgotten how much I liked Night of the Stormrider. I'm listening to it and thinking, "Oh yeah, that's where that comes from."

Lol. Infomercials are hilarious. Marketing strategy #1: Put hot chicks with big breasts in low-cut tops.

For some reason, looking at pictures of gory makeup is not so bad when you're in a makeup class and are trying to design such things yourself. Instead of thinking, "Ew, gross..." you think, "Ooh, that's cool. How did they do that?"

Now finished with everything from Costume Construction class. Huzzah. End of the semester is coming up. I'll have to work on stuff over Thanksgiving break so that I'm not too busy come the final weeks of class. I really just have two big final projects and a few smaller things to get done.

I think I'm coming down with a cold though. :( My throat is all scratchy and hurts. It makes me cough, though I don't really feel like I need to. Hopefully it gets better rather than worse.
Current Music: Iced Earth - Desert Rain