Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Hooray! Finished with classes for this semester. And I managed to get my final projects done despite leaving them to the last minute. Yes, I should not do that. Especially cause I like taking a lot of time to research and I'm a perfectionist. My Intro to Theatre finals were particularly rushed and half-assed, but hopefully it won't affect my grade too badly. I think the others turned out well.

This should mean that I'm done with theatre classes and only have to finish up my gen eds. For next semester, I've signed up for English Composition II online, College Algebra, General Psychology I, and Astronomy I. Then the next semester I'll have to take part 2 of Psychology and Astronomy and then Western Civilization and either Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication. And that should be it. But I'm checking with the head of the theatre department to make sure I have all the requirements. And then... I'll have to figure out which school I want to transfer to. Hm...
Tags: school
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