Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Got my grades for the semester. I got all A's except for Intro to Theatre, in which I got a B. It was probably my finals that dropped it, cause I think I did pretty well on all the other stuff. But I got an A in Comparative Religions, whee!

And it turns out that I do need at least one theatre history class, and I may need the other and Stage Makeup II. Pamela could fudge some things for me, but I think I'll end up taking classes through fall semester anyway so that I'm not having to cram everything in. So I may as well take both history classes and Stage Makeup II and spread everything out over three semesters. I'll have to rearrange some things, so I'm debating what to take when and if I should try to take a couple other not-required-but-helpful classes. I'm going to end up with quite a superfluous amount of credits, but oh well. All the classes I've taken have been helpful at least.
Tags: school
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