Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

I guess that my great-aunt Florence died. She was 96 years old, so it wasn't really unanticipated. She's one of the few of my grandma's siblings who I got a chance to meet though. Apparently my grandma is doing worse too. She hasn't been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but she has dementia. She's had problems with not remembering who people are, and apparently she's been confusing what time she's in, thinking things that happened decades ago have just happened, as well as having delusions about things that never happened, etc. It's kind of sad. We last went to see her a few years ago I think, and then her short term memory was pretty bad but she at least knew who we were. Now she has a bracelet on to make sure she doesn't leave the nursing home. My dad's cousin has been visiting her and keeping us updated. But even her two other sisters can't visit as much as they used to. One of them is needing to be in special care herself. I do kind of feel bad that we aren't able to visit her that often, but I don't know that it would be of much benefit to her considering her mental state. Bah, it makes me fear growing old...
Tags: death, family, health
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