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31 December 2007 @ 02:57 am
Christmas 2  
And here is what I got:

From Chris I got a cute Gaara plushie,
(Look, my camera can actually take clear pictures when my hands aren't shaking and there's good lighting!)

A ruby heart necklace with little devil horns,

And a pretty corset top

I also got Kamelot - Karma, Kamelot - Epica, and Symphony X - Paradise Lost

Pan's Labyrinth and PotC 3

Lost season 3

A new cd/dvd tower

Lavender body spray, lotion, and bath wash

A faerie calendar

And a new little clip watch

Plus, all of us got an Xbox 360 and games

And my Nightwish tickets counted as a Christmas present. And also, I had pre-ordered the Dream Theater biography set a couple months ago and it arrived just before Christmas, so I can count that as a gift from myself I guess. *snicker*

Plus we also got some other movies and my sister got Heroes season 1, so maybe I can start getting into that show.