Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

A new year

So... this past year, I think I made a breakthrough in overcoming self-consciousness. The nervousness and anxiety is still there, but I can actually let go of insecurities for awhile and do things without worrying so much about them. I almost found myself volunteering to go onstage during a play I went to go see. Hey, I'm an actor, right? I'm used to this. I'm comfortable. I can actually call people on the phone. I don't worry too much about my wording being perfect. I'm getting better with conversation, though I'm somewhat lacking the motivation to make friends.

I discovered that taking a couple philosophy and religion classes can nearly make me agnostic and has made me redefine what I believe. Not sure if I'd still call myself Christian... unless that literally means following what Christ taught and not all the baggage that comes with the term. Eclectic seems the best way to describe myself right now. Maybe Deist.

I still haven't finished editing Stareleon, despite having completed it a year ago. I need to finish rewriting one part which explains how Bob ends up wandering so far from home and how he finds Kayleen. I've been too busy to work on it during the semester and this break I am working on other things, so we'll see if I get to it. This is one thing I'd like to finally finish and send out to publishers, as it's been so long in coming.

As far as school, it looks like I will be at RRCC through fall semester and then I will have my AA and at least one certificate in costuming. I may try and get the other one as well, as I should be close to getting it by then. And here I was just taking costuming classes for fun... It looks like Metro may be my best choice for four-year schools. Unless I change my mind again. *snicker* But I'll see if I can get some more information from them about what will transfer and what I would still need to take, as well as what CU Denver classes I could take for credit.

So, yeah... I learned how to sew, I sang and danced onstage, I had my first play produced, I got my education plan in order, I got more of a taste of doing things on my own and having more responsibilities, I confirmed that my medication is helping and found the right maintenance level, I job searched and may just have found something. So, I'm getting there. Ever so slowly, but I'm continuing to grow. We'll get this real life thing down eventually. :)
Tags: life, religion, school, social anxiety, writing
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