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Started school again. Ooh, I'm going to be busy. 15 credits is the most I've taken in a semester so far. I'm debating about whether to audition for the show this spring or if it will be too much. They're doing a western version of A Midsummer Night's Dream followed by an olio show like we did last year. In Costume Design we'll get to design and make costumes for some of the characters though. So I'll at least be involved in that regard.

Apart from that class, I'm taking Development of Theatre II (which is the history of theatre from the 1600's onward), Stage Makeup II, Astronomy I, and English Composition II online. I will have makeup and costume designs due each week, plus a couple performances to go to and critique. For Development of Theatre, I will have 4 5-minute presentations and 2 papers about different topics that I will have to research, as well as readings and a couple exams.

Astronomy has a bunch of different labs to complete which I haven't looked at in depth, plus a couple visits to the planetarium, and optional star parties. Also there's reading and answering questions about the text, and a few exams. I like the teacher's approach so far, so it should be interesting.

English seemed kind of confusing at first cause I wasn't clear on what we had to do, but I think I have a better idea of it now. It looks like we will be researching a topic and writing an essay about it as well as completing a multigenre project which involves several different styles and ways of presenting information. So we will have to complete each of the "genre" assignments and put them all together for our final project.

So, yep, I'll be doing a lot of research, but at least for English it's all on the same topic. I guess the multigenre project would be more useful to me than just writing more essays. It seems like the teacher has set requirements though, like explaining what you were trying to do and asking questions about it, which I find kind of tedious. Not a whole lot of time to complete each assignment either. We're meant to just post drafts and revise them later, but... it's me. Even my drafts have to be good.

Yeah... I'm kind of thinking I shouldn't commit myself to a show when there's so much else I need to stay on top of. I know they want me to audition though. *snicker* But I'm already finding I can't spend so much time messing around when I've got reading and research and other things to do. Must learn to be concise in my research too, cause that's a bad habit I get into: spending so much time looking stuff up that I run out of time to actually do the work.
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