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So... I have a job. :) Working for the catering company where my sister works. I just picked up my uniform today, and I work my first party tomorrow. They usually have buffet-style dinners where all you have to do is help set up, keep food and drink supplied, and clear away plates. But for this one, we'll be bringing their dinner to them, and there will be a "captain" who tells us who receives what. They do a lot of weddings, business meetings, and just personal get togethers, and it can depend many guests they have.

Not exactly the most fun of jobs, and it involves a lot of standing around and smiling and having to act courteously to not-always-pleasant guests. But it's something that I will be able to work around my schedule and the people there seem really nice. So, we'll see how it goes I guess. Wish me luck. :)
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