Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

There's going to be a lunar eclipse tonight. :) It's kinda cloudy out now though, so hopefully it'll be clear enough to see it. It'll become total around 8pm here. Much better viewing time than the last one when I was sneaking up to take peeks at it as I was trying to fall asleep around 3-4am. And this semester I'm even taking an Astronomy class.

I've been doing moon observations for class. Tracking its position and doing little sketches every night. It's actually pretty interesting. We're studying the laws of physics in class now though. Oh, bloody. I took chemistry in high school purely because I didn't want to have to deal with the physics. *snicker* It does what because of what now? Oh, well. So far stuff hasn't been that hard, so hopefully I will get this soon enough.

My first night on the job went pretty well. Unfortunately I was sick though, and was trying desperately to control my cough and not space out. It was really a whole lot of standing around in the kitchen/back area, then all chaotic as we served dinner, then back to standing around and occasionally going out to refill water and clear away dishes. Good food though. That's one benefit of working for a catering company: free yummy meals. :) I work again this Saturday, and it's pretty much looking like once a weekend right now. Hopefully I shall soon get the hang of it.
Tags: school, the moon, work
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