Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Oh, I didn't post about getting to see Jeff Finger and Kyle Cumiskey of the Avalanche when they came to the rink where my little brother plays roller hockey. They were helping out some little kids with learning to skate better and avoiding obstacles (like gloves being thrown at them, hehehe). We got some things signed by both of them, and I got my picture taken with Jeff Finger! These are the best shots I got of Kyle Cumiskey though. He really looks like he's about 16, although he's 21. *snicker* I guess I'm not the only one who looks young. :P My sister thinks he's cuuuute, hehe. She's decided to start the Kyle Cumiskey fanclub. And apparently we're also the number one fans of David Jones, because no one knows who he is and he needs some love. *snicker* Plus, it's fun to call him Davy Jones and make Pirates of the Caribbean jokes. :)

Oh, also, I just had to take a picture of this... My brother and sister were watching the Washington-Calgary game online, and they said that there was a camera entirely devoted to showing Alex Ovechkin: the Ovechkam. I didn't think they were serious at first. But there it was... bigger than the screen showing the actual game! And it was like that the entire time! Even when he was just sitting on the bench and during commercials! I know he's good (and pretty much the only good player on the Capitals) but seriously? It was pretty ridiculous. I'm assured it was just a special thing and it's not like that for every Capitals game though. That would be even more ridiculous. We did get to see him score the game-winning goal though. Although the replay was so tiny we couldn't exactly see how. :P
Tags: hockey, pictures
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