Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

There are so many artistic things that I enjoy and that I show talent in that it's hard to focus on and perfect just one. If I could, I'd be an actress-writer-singer-musician-artist-designer. I also think I'd like to study dance/ballet. That's one thing I've pretty much neglected thus far. Not to mention all my other interests I'd like to pursue, like rock climbing and ice skating and maybe yoga. How am I ever to become a master of one of these arts when there's so much I want to do? I wouldn't be satisfied with just one. But being just decent at a bunch of things doesn't really help one to stand out and build a career. And being a "triple threat" in musical theatre isn't really the direction I feel inclined to. I'd rather act in movies, and write novels and plays and films, and sing and write my own music for my band, and draw as well as some of the artists I've seen, and design and make my own costumes and clothes. And in my spare time? I'd have spare time? Well, when I retire I could build and run my own MUD. :P
Tags: acting, art, career, music, writing
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