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What name is on your birth certificate?: Marianne Christine Page
What is your birthdate?: July 17, 1984
How old will you be this upcoming birthday?: 24
What time were you born?: 2:20 pm
Were you early, right on time, or late?: According to the doctors I was late, but according to my mom I was on time :)
Natural baby or C-Section baby?: Natural
What hospital were you born in?: The one on Wright-Patterson Airforce Base
Did your parents have other names picked out for you?: Yes, if I was a boy
What were they?: Peter I think? Not sure
Are you happy with your name?: Yes
Did you have a blanket or teddy bear?: My mom made both a blanket and a big pink bear for me
Do you still have it?: The bear's in my dad's closet, I dunno where the blanket is

What was your favorite show?: Sesame Street, Mr. Roger's, and does anyone remember the name of this show with a mannequin who comes to life when he puts on a hat and a cat named Penelope?
Favorite foods?: I dunno
When could you walk?: Not sure
Were you a cute baby?: Sure :)
What features stood out about you (personality/physical)?: In pictures I had big eyes, and I was always really quiet
Looking back on pictures, did you have a favorite outfit?: Not really
Hairstyle?: Straight with bangs
Did you suck your thumb? No
Were you afraid of anything?: Yes
What?: The dark I think, and I had dreams about crawly things
What was special about you then?: My brother and I were always playing and doing things together, hehe

If you went, where did you go to pre-school?: Don't remember the name, it was a school run by a local church
Who were your teachers?: Don't remember
And your friends?: Dunno
Do you remember your favorite activity?: I remember learning to swing myself on the swing :)
Did you take any classes?: Whatever we did at school
What kind of lunchbox did you have?: I know I had a Pound Puppy lunchbox at some point
Did you like cartoons?: I think
What was your favorite cereal?: Mm... Cheerios maybe?
Were you well-behaved?: Yes
Did you ever get in big trouble?: Don't think so

.:.Elementary School.:.:
Who were your friends?: Cassandra and a couple other girls were my first real friends, plus there were our neighbors who were mostly my brother's friends but who I hung out with, and April Jenkins was my best friend in 5th grade, then in 6th grade it was Rachel and Lauren and... I think Kathy was her name
Did you have a favorite subject?: Mm, music and writing
What sports were you playing?: Does kickball count?
Favorite recess activity?: Swings!
Did you have any crazy teachers?: April and I liked joking with Mrs. Denslow

.:.Junior High/High School.:.:
Who was your first kiss?: Andy B.
Did you have a boyfriend in JH?: Nope, but a guy told me he loved me... and I got super shy and embarrassed
Did you get cut from anything?: Nope
What clubs were you in?: Drama club
In high school what group did you belong to?: We had our own little group of drama and orchestra and metalheads and generally weird people
Were you popular?: Don't think so
What was the best cafeteria food?: Um... we got slushies in junior high
What was the biggest drama you ever faced?: Um... with that first guy I kissed I guess, who was just using me to make his girlfriend jealous
Who was your favorite teacher?: In junior high, Mr. Miller was awesome :), and I liked Mr. Lone and Mr. Cruse in high school
Did you letter in any sports?: Nope, I lettered in academics and music
What did you wear to school?: I dunno, stuff that was comfortable and looked decent
When did you wake up?: Earlier than I should ever like to again
Did you like prom?: Didn't go, I went to homecoming once
What did you wear?: Mm... what did I wear? A black dress? Maybe?
Who was your date?: Ian Cordova
Do you still talk?: Nope
Was your graduation outside?: Didn't graduate
How many did you graduate with?: I forgot how many were in my class
Were you friends with most of them?: Not most of them, just our group mainly + a few others in band/orchestra and random classes
Do you think you meet the expectations that people set for you?: Well, I got good grades during the time that I cared/went to school

Current hair color?: Dark brown
Skin tone?: Fair
What nationalities are you?: American, and my background is German, Luxembourg...ian, and other mixed European
Do you have white teeth?: I guess? I'd like them to be whiter though
If you're a girl, do you have your nails and toenails done?: Nope
How does your hair usually look?: Long and straight
What style of clothes do you wear usually?: Is black a style? Usually jeans/pants and tees or somewhat dressier tops, I'd like to find more things in my ideal bohemian/medieval-ish style
Would you be caught in public in sweats?: Don't own any
Do you wear flip flops all year round?: Nope
If you're a girl do you usually wear makeup?: Yes
How long does it take you to get ready?: An hour or so
Do you wake up early or sleep in?: Sleep in until I have to get up
Do you have a job?: I do now! Working for a catering company
What do people usually think about you when they first meet you?: I don't know
What kind of music do you like?: Metal, mostly the epic and melodic sort
Do you wear any kind of jewelry all the time?: Nope, I used to wear some but not really anymore
Do you spend money or save?: Mm... I'd like to spend. Maybe I will have a small spree and then save up for college expenses.
Do you go to College?: Yep
Where?: Red Rocks Community College, thinking I will transfer to Metro once I get my AA
What are you studying?: Theatre
Have you ever accomplished any major goals you set for yourself?: Getting my driver's license, taking college classes, passing the GED, acting, getting over self-consciousness for the most part, getting a job
Are you good at working on computers?: Mm... working on how? I can use it, I don't know how it works :)
Are you intelligent?: Yes
How are your grades?: Good
Who is your best friend?: Crisco
Where do you live?: Colorado
With whom?: Parents, younger siblings, and puppies
How is your place decorated?: Um... variously?

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: Sort of not anymore?
What is their name?: Chris
When is your anniversary?: Valentine's day
How long will you have been together next month?: 3 years, 2 months... though I'm not sure that we're really still together
How did they ask you out?: He said, "I have a girlfriend." Hehe.
Are you happy?: Mm, not really
Do you love them?: Mm, not really
What are the best memories you have with them?: There are a couple different ones
What attracted them to you in the first place?: I dunno, I'm just so cute?
Do you get along with their family?: Yes
Do you live together?: No
Are you planning on it?: No
Do you consider them your best friend?: Yes
Do you trust them?: Yes
Do you get along with their ex?: He doesn't have any
Do they get along with yours?: Likewise
What is their best physical feature?: Eyes and hair :)
Best personality quirk?: He's funny, and very caring and understanding
Do you have any cute traditions?: Um... I don't think so
What is your song?: Passion and the Opera is one we mutually associate
Favorite movie to watch together?: I dunno, various anime?
What song best describes your bf/gf or your relationship?: Nightwish - Beauty and the Beast

What do you want to do as a job?: Act, write, sing, write/play music
Why do you want to do that?: I wish to be a part of something beautiful, to tell my stories, and express myself, and perhaps touch others
Do you want to be married?: Some day
How old do you want to be?: I dunno
Where do you want to get married?: In Scotland in a castle or on a hilltop, that would be nice... :)
What colors would you like?: For my wedding? White? Actually, I saw the prettiest dress that would be nice in white and light blue
Big or small wedding?: I'd like the pretties, it doesn't really matter how many people show up :)
Traditional or modern?: Mm... I dunno, both?
If you're a girl, what kind of ring do you want?: White gold or platinum
What kind of house do you want to live in?: Castle? :)
Do you want kids?: No
How many?: None
What would you name them?: I gave my favorite name to my character: Aleksey Mathieu, for a girl something pretty and ethereal like Celestine or mythological/historical
Do you want any pets?: Yes, I'd like my own cat at least, and probably a dog too
What do you think your kids will look like?: Dark hair? And... yep. I take after my dad's side of the family so more like that
Are you gonna push them to do certain activities?: If I did have kids, I'd try and raise them to make their own decisions and choices and have their own beliefs, I'd like it if they were somewhat like me with artistic/intellectual interests though
Where do you want to live?: Probably California, or somewhere in Great Britain
Why?: California is where the entertainment industry is, Britain is pretty and they speak English

Do you think tattoos are sexy?: I don't really see them in terms of sexiness... but I don't mind if someone has them or not
Do you have any?: No
Did it hurt?: Yes?
What about piercings?: Don't have any
Do you bite your nails?: No
Where will you be in 4 years?: Done with school, maybe having moved elsewhere?
If you could plan the perfect date, what would you do?: I dunno, dinner and getting to know one another?
What is your dream job?: The above listed actress/writer/singer/songwriter/maybe some other things too
Are you liberal or conservative?: Moderate to liberal
Who do you support for 2008 president?: Obama is my first choice
Pro-life? Pro-choice?: Pro-life
What gets you fired up?: Stupid and malicious people, apparently when people make a huge deal about finding dead babies flushed down toilets or in dumpsters but abortion is perfectly fine, fundamentalist Christian arguments and attempts to impose their beliefs on others, watching reality shows for longer than 5 minutes, celebrities spending $5000 on a handbag when the money could be put to far better use, torture or other mistreatment of human beings and animals, general stupidity or greed within establishments/the way things are run... wow, I didn't know I got so fired up about stuff
What is the last thing you read?: Mm... as in non-school related? Does Lost magazine count? Yeah, it's really been awhile since I've read purely for pleasure
What dish can you cook really well?: Um... Yes... I used to make breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausage, and hash browns. Most other stuff is at least somewhat pre-prepared
Any surgeries?: Nope
And you're done!: Huzzah!
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