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Ah, Colorado. Nearly 80 degrees one day, snowing the next. And today we're back to sunny skies and warm weather, and most of the snow has already melted. Temperatures here can range from like -10 to 95 degrees F too. But usually not in the same week. :)

I think I've finally figured out what my remaining classes and schedule will be like. I think.

The classes offered in the summer are limited, so I've been trying to sort out what to take when. I need to take General Psychology I in summer if I want to take General Psychology II in fall. Development of Theatre I is only offered in fall. Plus I need one more science class, one math class, one communication class, and one history class. I decided that it would be better to take math as a shortened summer course than history, so I'm taking College Algebra. And I was originally going to take Astronomy II this summer, but I think I've changed my mind.

Firstly, it's a 4 1/2 hour long class and I'd have to be there until 10 at night. And the more I thought about it, I already have some greater knowledge of astronomy now, and I really ought to take a course in biology. Especially if I want to write stories about eugenics and such. Actually, I'm really more interested in studying zoology and evolution, but you don't get into that until Biology II. But still, some foundational knowledge is good. I just remember a little about genetics from high school. And I am kind of curious as to why life is more likely to form where there is liquid water, which we just touched on in Astronomy. So I think I'm going to take Biology I in the fall because that schedule works better.

Also, for communication, I need Public Speaking as a pre-requisite for some theatre classes at Metro. But I think that Interpersonal Communication would be a help to me personally. So I think I'm going to take both this summer.

I'm still kind of debating whether to take Western Civilization or World Civilization for a history course, but it might be better to take World since I already have some knowledge of Western.

And, for a certificate in Costuming and Fashion, I would need to do an internship, which is basically doing costume design for a show and taking care of everything that goes with that. Sort of like what I've been doing this semester, only instead of just one or two costumes, I'd be doing the whole show. I talked with Pamela about it, and she says that Jessica, another student in the class, is going to be doing an internship this summer and that I could do it with her so that the load will fall on two people instead of just one. So I think I'll do that. Just have to fill out paperwork and stuff. Also, I need a one credit class about developing a resume and portfolio, which Pamela will have offered in the fall.

And that... should be it! I could also take Singing for Actors in the fall, but we'll see.

So, in brief, this summer I should be taking: General Psychology I, College Algebra, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and a costuming internship. And this fall I should be taking: General Psychology II, Development of Theatre I, General Biology I, World or Western Civilization, and Resume and Portfolio Development.

I'm going to look into work study too, where I could do some work costuming or other things at the school for some extra funds. I can get a GED scholarship, which will cover 6 credit hours I think, but I'm not eligible for most of the other scholarships or financial aid. It looks like Metro has a lot more scholarships available though that are based on things like GPA rather than need. Yeah, I've been spoiled with my college fund and having my parents pay for everything. You start to get more concerned when you have to pay for things yourself... But I have a job at least! But I'm going to have to do more if I want to become financially independent. Mayhaps I can finish some of my stories and get them published... 'Twould be somewhere to start.
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