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21 May 2008 @ 10:32 pm
Mwah. One of my better pictures of Yana, my kick-arse Ashen bladedancer from my story-to-be-graphic-novel Lifeblood. (And thanks to Crisco for helping me figure out how to draw a katana in perspective.) I've drawn her a billion times, but I think I come closer with each depiction. She kind of reminds me of Fran from FFXII, although I created her before I'd seen the video game. I think Lulu from FFX served for inspiration for her actually. Oh, that reminds me...

Lol. A hilarious review of FFXII.

"Please note that I have not actually played Final Fantasy XII. This makes me more qualified to review it. I can be more objective because I haven't spent countless hours getting my ass kicked by a giant turtle."

"Fran is cranky all the time because none of the other Bunny Rabbit Drag Queens like her any more. Or maybe it's because her butt is cold from hanging out of that outfit."

Except Crisco might be pissed because they diss on Kratos. Just don't read that part! Really, the part on the characters is the funniest, so feel free to skip the rest. :)