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Nightwish concert!

Wow. I went to see Nightwish on the 26th, and that may have been the most fun I've had at a concert. I was really getting into the songs and singing along the whole time. They played some of my favorites too, and The Poet and the Pendulum and 7 Days to the Wolves were amazing to see live. They are such great showmen (and showwoman), really interacting with the crowd. Emppu was running around and coming to the front of the stage, pumping people up. Anette was reaching down to touch people's hands all night. And during the quiet parts of certain songs, like Nemo's piano solo, Emppu and Marco pressed their fingers to their lips for people to be quiet. But of course, the crowd was screaming, so Emppu threw up his arms in mocked frustration. *snicker*

I went with crisco747. I decided to pay the extra money for VIP tickets, because Nightwish is one of my favorite bands and I figured it would be a rare chance to get to meet them. I missed them the first time they came to Denver back in 2004. I was just getting into the band then and hadn't heard they were coming. I think I have a much greater appreciation for them now though, so in a way that's good.

We got let into the venue about 45 minutes before doors and they had us line up to go and meet the band. Some people had a chance to buy merchandise before we lined up, and I was considering buying a tour book for them to sign, but we didn't have much time and I didn't want to miss meeting them. So they led us down to where the guys were sitting at a table in front of the stage.

I was so nervous! Anette wasn't there, unfortunately, and it went pretty quick. It was pretty much just go through the line and get stuff signed and take a quick picture if you could. Chris got a hilarious picture of him and Tuomas though, hehe. Tuomas was craning his neck up to get into the shot, and he has a look on his face like, "Wtf? Who is this crazy guy grabbing me?"

I tried to get a photo of Tuomas and me with my camera, but it didn't go off. Aw. (With my camera, if you push the button slightly it focuses and if you push harder it takes the picture. So I guess I didn't push it hard enough.) And I didn't want to hold up the line by trying to take another one. Chris was able to get a shot of us though. Yea!

And I got Emppu to pose for me. That one came out good.

Plus, we got posters signed.

I was too nervous to say anything aside from "Hi" and asking for a poster and a picture. I think I was kind of in an "Omg, Nightwish is sitting right there in front of me" blur, hehe.

I did see Ewo out front by the merchandise stand. He really is quite tall. I said hi, and he said that there were only four left of something; I think he meant the tour books. So, I ended up buying one of those, plus Chris and I each got a tour shirt. There wasn't much for sale, just a couple other shirts I think, and a Tarot cd. Plus Sonic Syndicate had some shirts and cds and stuff.

We ended up with the best "seats" I've ever had at a concert. There was the pit right in front of the stage, and we were on the first balcony right at stage level, center left, right up against the bar. The view was great; I could see everything, only had to worry about the people down below's arms in the way. I even ended up with one of Emppu's picks. :)

I didn't even realize he had thrown it; it was in the middle of a song. I just felt something hit me, and I picked it up and realized what it was, hehe. That was really cool.

I wasn't too impressed with Sonic Syndicate, but Chris liked them. I thought they had a female singer, but it was just two guys singing/screaming. They had a female bassist though. I didn't find much unique about their music, and they seemed more focused on image.

The fans went nuts when Nightwish came on though. Jukka was the first to come out and sit down at his drumset. As he did, the crowd was chanting, "Jukka, Jukka!" And, yes, actually pronounced it right. :P Then the rest of the band came out one by one. Tuomas was wearing his white jacket and top hat, but he took it off after the first couple of songs. Here is their approximate setlist:

Bye Bye Beautiful
Dark Chest of Wonders
Whoever Brings the Night
The Siren
The Islander
Come Cover Me
The Poet and the Pendulum
Sleeping Sun

7 Days to the Wolves
Wish I Had an Angel

I took a couple of pictures of the set before they came out, but Chris took a bunch throughout the concert since he has a better camera. Some came out better than others. Really, you had to use a flash to avoid them being completely blurry. There wasn't any problem bringing cameras in, and you can see in some of the shots the tons of people taking pics or videos with their cameras/cell phones.

Here is one I took of Tuomas's keyboards.

He had an Edward Scissorhands doll on the front one and Jack Sparrow on the side one. And a bottle of wine below. *snicker* Oh yes, and I was wondering what it said on his front keyboard. You can actually make it out in a closeup of one of Chris's shots:

Hahaha. I'm sure there are plenty of fangirls who would love to remedy that for him. :P

Here are some of the better pictures that came out. I uploaded the rest onto my photobucket account. You can see them all here.

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