Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

So, over the summer I am taking Public Speaking, General Psychology I, and College Algebra online, while also designing costumes for the summer show as part of an internship. I was also signed up for Interpersonal Communication, but the class got canceled. I debated signing up for the other class that was offered, but they were using a different book from the one I'd already bought, and I'd have to be up earlier. So, I think I'm just going to read the book and see if that helps any.

I've already had trouble with the College Algebra class, mostly because I waited until the last minute to take the first quiz. I was hoping to study and then take the practice test before taking the actual quiz. But, as I started the practice quiz, I realized that it was going to take longer than I thought. I had to figure out how to enter answers using the system and everything, and I was still trying to figure out the material. Once I understand it, it isn't too bad, but my brain is not math-oriented (or physics-oriented, as I've found). So, time was running out and I decided to forget the practice test and work on the actual test. But, frustration mounted, as I was trying to figure out too much in very little time, and I had myself a freakout. Didn't actually finish the quiz, but I submitted what I had, so I ended up with a crappy score on that.

Also, my teacher had suggested that I might prefer taking Math for Liberal Arts, because I'm a Theatre major and College Algebra is geared more towards those who have to take higher math. I just need the credits, and I thought maybe I'd be happier with a class geared more for practical application. So, I tried switching classes, but the teacher for that class said it was too late to join her class. So... I guess I'll stick with this one. It's only 8 weeks long at least, and we're only graded on the tests and quizzes, so don't have to worry about excessive homework. I actually gave myself time for study and practice for our first major test, and I did much better on that one. Just have to make sure I keep on top of stuff, I guess. And now I actually know how to enter answers and everything. Hopefully doing better on all the other tests will bring my grade up then.

The other classes are not bad. Have to come up with ideas for speeches. I think for the informative one, I might do something on folklore. Need sources from scholarly journals though, so I'll have to pick something that I can find in those. Also have a persuasive speech, and I'm not sure what I want to do for that. And... special occasion speech. Hm. Like a wedding, or graduation, or something like that. Maybe I can come up with something creative.

Hm. I was going to post about how I've changed socially, in regards to growing more comfortable, engaging in conversations, etc. to go along with Interpersonal Communication. But, I'm tired. *snicker* Maybe I can put my thoughts together later.
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