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Ah ha! Related to my last post about the surveys we are doing for our presentation on Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love. We now have both surveys posted on, which should make it easier for people to respond. The links are:

Here is some basic info on the Triangular Theory of Love which will help in taking the surveys.

Sternberg states that there are three different kinds of love:

Intimacy - feelings of closeness and connectedness
Passion - physical attraction and romance
Commitment - commitment to sustain a long-term relationship

Different types of relationships contain varying combinations of these. Sternberg defines these different types as:

Liking - just intimacy
Infatuated love - just passion
Empty love - just commitment
Romantic love - intimacy and passion
Companionate love - commitment and intimacy
Fatuous love - commitment and passion
Consummate love - includes all three types

Please take these and help us out! Thanks.
Tags: love, psychology, school
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