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13 July 2008 @ 02:14 am
Well, my older brother decided to leave for Vegas yesterday along with a friend of his. He was planning on flying out anyway, but I guess he wanted some extra time before we all got there. He just recently moved into a new condo, and his friend Brian (drummer in a couple of his old bands) is going to be his roommate. Well, Brian was moving stuff into the condo last night, and he left the door open, and my brother's cat Alley got out. :( She's definitely an indoor kitty, although she hasn't been declawed. She doesn't like Brian much, and he only noticed she was gone when he didn't hear her hissing at him when he walked by. But, it sucks that it happened the day Andy left town. Plus, it's a new place that she's not familiar with (although she was never outside at his old place either). We went over there and looked around for her, but she could be anywhere. We made some Missing Cat fliers that Brian handed out to neighbors and posted around too. He's worried he will be repacking his things when Andy gets back if he can't find Alley. Andy was pissed at first when he found out, but for now he'd just rather not think about it. Hopefully kitty will get back okay.

So, we will be leaving tomorrow afternoon/evening. I still have some costume stuff I'd like to get done before then. Plus, I have more homework to finish for when we get back. I can always work on that in the car. It's like a 12 hour drive, my dad said. We're just heading out to Grand Junction tomorrow and then will drive the rest of the way on Monday. Should be fun (apart from the heat, at any rate). My sister just turned 21, so maybe we can have a girl's night out or something, hehe. See you all when I get back.
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