Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Been terribly busy with rushing to complete schoolwork, prepare for finals, and have costumes complete in time for show opening this Thursday. Had myself an anxiety attack in the middle of the costume studio the other night. :( Yeah, I talked with my doctor and we upped my medication back to what I had been on initially before trying to go off it and going back on. Doesn't really seem to help in those times when I'm super stressed though. But trying to calm myself down doesn't really seem to help either. At least things are looking much more manageable right now.

Good news. Kitty was found. A neighbor found Alley hiding in his garage and called Brian thanks to seeing Missing Cat fliers. Brian managed to wrangle her into her cat carrier and brought her back home, where she hid in the garage and was later coaxed up into the laundry room. She was apparently very happy to see Andy when he got back and spent time sitting in his lap.

More good news. I got cast in a film that will be shooting this fall. Right now, a promo shoot is scheduled for mid-August. It's a historical action/romance movie based upon Alfred Noyes's poem The Highwayman (also the name of the movie). I'm playing Bess, the innkeeper's daughter and love of Will, the highwayman. I'm excited. It should be a lot of fun. Not only do I love the genre, but it's also a paid role with an established production company.

Even more good news. I got financial aid, yea! This is the first year I could submit the FAFSA without having to put my dad's info on it, as he makes too much for me to qualify. This will cover tuition and fees and more than enough for books... for my last semester at RRCC, hehe. I also received aid for Spring 2009, and hopefully it will transfer over when I start going to Metro.

Whew. I just want to sit and do nothing for awhile. Still have costume stuff to do tomorrow though, although it's mostly just minor things and alterations. And my last day of class is Wednesday, although I've already taken my finals. So glad to be done with math... I'll have a few weeks off before fall semester starts, but I'm sure to be occupied with things like filming and taking care of costumes if needbe. Must look up publishers and send in Stareleon too. Oh, and I will post photos from our trip once I get them uploaded and edited. Hopefully I will have time to post more now too.
Tags: acting, anxiety, costuming, life, medications, pets, school
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