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So, I finally sat down and looked up publishers for Stareleon. Wanted to send it in before fall semester started. The thing is, I'm having doubts that it's what publishers are looking for in terms of length and age level. It's just under 6000 words, short story length really. But I think the language and sentence structure is beyond younger elementary school kids; its probably for at least 10-year-olds or older. But when you start getting to that age range, kids are reading chapter books. So I don't know that I would have much luck with publishers, if they're even willing to look at something like Stareleon. I always imagined it as a book with some pictures. But if the content is too sophisticated for a picture book and not long enough for a middle-grade chapter book, I don't know that they will find it marketable. And short stories are generally only published in magazines and collections.

I think I'll go ahead and send a query letter and sample pages to this one publisher and see if I hear anything back. But I'm thinking it'll be hard to sell. I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it then. I know I spent a lot of time procrastinating about it and finally churning it out and trying to get it the way I wanted it, and I would love to see it published. But I also know that I have plenty of other stories in my head that demand being written into novels, and that those are more likely to meet publishers' needs. I also think that I prefer writing for adults, as then I can use the language that I wish, without worrying about my audience's comprehension level. And a lot of my stories do have darker themes that I wish to delve into, and it would likely be odd to put forth books such as those as well as books for children under the same name. And I think I'd rather be known for my adult books, because those contain deeper ideas that have more meaning to me. Of course, it might be weird having relatives read certain things. ;)

But, yeah. I guess I'll send my query letter, and maybe I'll try a couple other publishers. And when I have time, I think I ought to work on my other stories. I'm thinking I will write The Maverick first, although Lifeblood has been on my mind lately. I'd like to do that as a graphic novel though, hopefully with someone who's good at comic book/anime-style art. You know, thinking of how much re-reading and re-writing and editing I did for Stareleon, I dread what I will have to do with something novel-length... Hey, maybe I will just get it perfect the first time. ;) As if I'm ever content with anything. *snicker*
Tags: stareleon, writing
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