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08 October 2008 @ 01:43 am
Oh yes, I wanted to say that I'm being Dionae for Halloween. :) For those who don't know, she was my immortal on Feudal Realms who I am bringing back to life in a couple of short stories with minor alterations. Mischievous, spontaneous, extravagant, and playful sort of sorceress-looking ancient being with far too much power for anyone's good. ;)

I've made the first prototype of the bodice of her dress, which I'll have to alter a bit. And I've already begun piecing together other accessories. I was so excited that while at the fabric store I found jewelry makings for her necklace that were just perfect! I was thinking of ordering a ring and cord online, but I found 7 rings and a cord for like $4! Huzzah!

Of course, in the midst of looking at fabric and random patterns and various things I needed for my costume, I completely forgot to see if they had muslin or other cheap fabric or large graph paper I could use for pattern drafting. Ah well. I think the paper I have will do for now, and I've been using some extra fabric my mom has for test versions. I may stop by there again sometime and see if they have anything I could use for future projects though.

I found the perfect lipstick for Dionae too. :) And I was testing out eye makeup. I like how it looks. The wig I found has short bangs though, which I think look a little funny on me. I had never depicted her with bangs, just with her hair pulled back, more like Deanna Troi from Star Trek. But overall I think it looks quite Dionae-ish.

So I think now I just need to get some sexy boots and gloves and probably some tights. I stopped by a store selling Halloween stuff but didn't really find the right things. I think I'll stop by Disguises, cause I'm pretty sure I saw some gloves like what I want and they have shoes there too. Failing that, I found some boots online that are much like what I want (5-inch heels though!). Will have to see what is cheaper. See, that's the problem with getting into cosplaying. End up spending money on things I'll only wear once. But... fun! :)