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Yeah... I'm still not sure who to vote for. *cringe* Just checked up on their proposed plans and whatnot. Was leaning towards Obama, but not sure about his economic policies. It looked good at first, but worried about what he considers "small businesses." Wonder whether financial strain on businesses would lead to more people losing jobs/benefits. It doesn't help that my family is Republican and most of my friends are Democrat; I keep getting conflicting messages! I'd hate to say screw it and vote for Nader. *snicker* But I think my sister would kill me if I voted for Obama... And yet, I agree with his ideals, just unsure of how he's going to implement them. Bah. Well, at least I've figured out how I'm voting on our 50 million amendments. Just left the biggest decision for last I guess. Could always just vote Democrat to counterbalance everyone else in my family. Eh, I dunno.
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