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04 November 2008 @ 03:33 am
Yeah... I'm still not sure who to vote for. *cringe* Just checked up on their proposed plans and whatnot. Was leaning towards Obama, but not sure about his economic policies. It looked good at first, but worried about what he considers "small businesses." Wonder whether financial strain on businesses would lead to more people losing jobs/benefits. It doesn't help that my family is Republican and most of my friends are Democrat; I keep getting conflicting messages! I'd hate to say screw it and vote for Nader. *snicker* But I think my sister would kill me if I voted for Obama... And yet, I agree with his ideals, just unsure of how he's going to implement them. Bah. Well, at least I've figured out how I'm voting on our 50 million amendments. Just left the biggest decision for last I guess. Could always just vote Democrat to counterbalance everyone else in my family. Eh, I dunno.
Current Mood: thoughtfulindecisive
Draco: Obama 08dracowayfarer on November 4th, 2008 01:21 pm (UTC)
Don't vote for or against other people. Vote your ideals and beliefs.

I'm voting for Obama because, while I don't know if all of his policies will be perfect (nobody's policies ever are), I believe that he is what our country needs right now. Even though he will be saddled with the debt and chaos that the last 8 years have wrought which may likely lead to a Republican victory in 2012, I cannot bring myself to think that McCain and Palin, with her super-fundamental back-woods Christian attitude and his sorry excuses for a health-care plan and ties to lobbyists, are anywhere remotely good for this country right now.
Lynnsey: crazinesslynn82md on November 4th, 2008 01:27 pm (UTC)
While my decision of who I voted for three weeks ago is going to be kept a secret until tomorrow once the results come in (because it's fun to keep people on their toes) and I'm not going to find out who won today since Sweden is six hours ahead of EST...I will tell you who I voted for.

Like you, my family and friends are politically diverse. Half of my family is Democrat while the other half is Republican. Same thing is true for my friends. My SO is a socialist.

As I said on a entry a couple weeks ago (that you replied to, I think), I had researched the views of all six candidates that were on the Maryland ballot. Out of the twenty-six issues, I agreed with Nader on twenty-one of them. On top of that, I didn't vehemently disagree with him on anything like I did with Obama and McCain. The remainder of the five issues I was mixed on, but that seemed to be the minimum number of issues I was mixed on with all the candidates.

I voted with my heart. I voted with who represented me the best, even if they had no chance in hell of getting into office. Even if I did vote for a third party candidate, my vote would count because I'm still voting for a congress representive, judges, and propositions that are important in my state as well as county.
I voted for Nader because he's the one I agreed with the most, he represents me the best even if he has no chance in hell in office, it shows my displeasure of the two main presidental candidates, and it shows my protest that the US needs to get rid of the two partied system.

I hope this gives you the inspiration that you shouldn't feel bad about voting for Nader. Don't vote because you feel there's an obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils (which is becoming fucking stupid these days and indicates that our country really doesn't have a choice as it claims).

Both of my parents are voting for McCain, and even though my dad is a staunch republican...he actually likes Nader as a person even though he isn't crazy about some of his politics. It seems that even some conservatives are that way about him.