Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Mm... therapy. Feeling much better today. That's nice. It's kind of interesting to be taking a psychology class and sort of relating that stuff. Kind of providing my own self-analysis. I'm probably thinking too much about it though. I think I want almost too much understanding. Everything has to be just right. My perfectionism makes me wonder if I border on Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder moreso than OCD. I have but traces of compulsions remaining from before. Or maybe I'm just very perfectionistic. Everything musn't be a disorder, I must remind myself. Bell curve. Broad spectrum. *nods*

My uncle in Florida sent this:

Littleton CO High 75 Low 42

Youngstown FL High 57 Low 28

What is wrong with this picture???????

We hit a record high temperature. In November! And the expected high for Thursday? Lower than today's low. *snicker*

Oh, and I got a new car. :) A Toyota Matrix. Sold by my brother, of course. We are getting quite a collection of Toyotas. I decided we didn't need another Corolla though, hehe. My younger brother needs a car to practice driving on, so he's getting the Neon. And my parents are helping pay for the Matrix and it will let me establish some credit. So that's good. Plus, I like it. Shiny. :)
Tags: life, mental disorders, ocd, perfectionism, psychology
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