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20 November 2008 @ 06:39 pm
I have to do things the hard way... If I had just been a traditional student, things would be so much easier! So, I'm going to graduate with my Associate's this fall. But I still have to take a 1-credit course on resume and portfolio development to get my second costuming certificate. So, I was going to do that and start at Metro in the spring too.

Now, transferring in the middle of the school year is complicated enough as it is. But I saw that RRCC was offering two classes on drawing and writing for the graphic novel this spring, which I think would be awesome to take. So, then I'd be taking 7 credits at RRCC. And then I thought, well if I'm still taking that many credits at RRCC, why don't I take Singing for Actors too? But then I'd have 10 credits at RRCC and would really only have time to take 3 credits at Metro.

So, I'm pondering over whether to take an Intro to Literary Studies class at Metro which is required for majoring/minoring in English, or whether I should wait and start at Metro in the fall. It does seem kind of silly to just take one class. But, it would be getting a head start and would diffuse the work load. Since the other classes I'm taking in the spring would be pretty much just for fun, I thought I'd take a more intensive class that requires lots of reading too. And that way I wouldn't have to worry about loading up on reading and writing classes in the fall. And it's offered at a time/day that would fit my schedule with my RRCC classes.

But, I'm wondering if it would be worth the complication. I've already qualified for financial aid for spring semester. But I'd have to get it to apply for Metro too. And if I'm a full-time student, but I'm taking 10 credits at one school and 3 credits at another, will that still count? Who do I talk to and how much paperwork do I have to fill out? And will they know exactly what my situation is? I went down to Financial Aid at RRCC today and the guy gave me a couple forms to fill out. But it's talking about if I'm taking classes at another school and having the credit transfer back to RRCC. But... I'll already have my degree, and... murr. I don't know if that's actually the thing I'm supposed to fill out.

So, I don't know. Maybe it would be easier to just wait until fall to start at Metro. All the applications for scholarships and everything have the traditional student in mind. But if I'm just taking one class my first semester does that still count? Am I still a new transfer student in the fall? Am I eligible if...?

I'm still debating over whether I should major in Theatre and minor in English or vice versa too. Only a few of the classes I've already taken will count toward my degree; most will just be transferred as electives, apart from the gen ed stuff. So... I've got like two years worth of electives then. And only 64 credits can actually be transferred too. I'll have my gen eds out of the way at least, but I'm pretty much starting from scratch in regards to my major/minor. Might as well just major in English maybe. It'll require three more Lit classes and more writing classes, which I'd probably want to take anyway. I think an English degree might prove more useful too. But, I don't know.

Another part of me says, "Screw it." I may just be taking up time going for a degree I won't really use. I do want to take some writing courses, and I have learned a lot just from what I've taken so far. I don't know if my time might be better spent working in the real world and on my projects though. I don't want to spend two more years and then look back and see that it hasn't helped me to get much closer to where I want to be. I could just get some coaching, put myself out there, join a writing group, and actually work on my career. I'm spending so much time deciding what the best course of action would be. I don't know. Maybe just taking a break from school in the summer would give me some time to do other stuff and see where I want to go.
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