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People from Feudal Realms keep finding me on here. I guess because if you google search Feudal Realms, mine is the first page that comes up. *snicker* Strange, hm? Anyway, thought I'd make an "official" old people from FR post. Say hello, who you played, where you hang out now, etc.

I played Dionae, Celidie, and Aleksey, and a few other characters who nobody probably remembers. I think I started back in 1999 or 2000 and became addicted and played pretty much up to the end.

I've kind of lost touch with most people from FR, although I still see some around online.

Arvik and Joxtur started a mud and a bunch of FR players seem to have migrated over there. You can find it at: port 7500

Edit: Oh yes, I'm also supposed to pimp out Nash and Boon's mud: port 2177

I was going to recommend the mud Cities of M'dhoria, but I've found that that mud closed down too. Darn. Ah, well. I guess running a mud takes too much time away from real life. And yes, real life is important. :)

Edit Jan. 2010:

So, I started playing another mud... (I know, I know...) It's called Geas. You can visit the webpage at or log on at port 3333. It's level-less, class-less, and rp-enforced. An LPmud with a complex fighting system, detailed world, tons of quests, and NPCs with artificial intelligence. I am still amazed by the complexity. I love it, but it does take awhile to figure everything out.

Also, if you're on facebook, check out Feudal Realms' page: Reconnect with all the people you used to love and/or hate playing with. :) Plus, Terloch has talked of plans of bringing the mud back to life...

And, ah look, Cities of M'dhoria is back: or port: 6996 I used to play off and on, as it was my backup mud when Feudal was driving me nuts. ;)
Tags: characters, feudal realms
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