Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

I'm finished with classes, whee! Already have my grade posted for Biology; got an A. Whee! I know I did awesome in Psychology too. The class I'm most worried about is World History, as I didn't do too well on a couple of quizzes, but I got a good grade on our last project and on the midterm, so hopefully that will make up for it. I think I did alright on the final. Also in Development of Theatre, I'll probably be penalized for being late to class, but I hope it won't affect my grade too much. It looks good otherwise.

I applied to Metro and got accepted. Although the class I was looking at taking is already filled up, so I think I'll just wait until fall to start there. I have the one more class to take for my costuming certificate, and I've also signed up for the two classes on Writing and Drawing for the Graphing Novel and Singing for Actors. Was pondering if I should find another class to sign up for in order to be full time, but I think I'll just stick with these. Should be a fun semester then. I think I need some time to just relax.

Got a little bit of Christmas shopping done. Have no clue what to get some people though. My main goal for this break: freaking send in Stareleon! Lol. I almost did before the start of the semester, but then I worried about how it would be received. I think the beginning isn't as strong as it could be, and the publisher I was going to send to only wanted the first few pages, and... But no, really, I need to send it in. I will re-look through my Writer's Market for publishers that would be appropriate. And I shall not fret if it gets rejected. Just having it sit there isn't doing any good.

Wondering about career too... How do people get into the jobs they have? How do I get into film, even if just behind-the-scenes? Or even television? I know more about hockey than the chick they have filling in at the studio for the Avs broadcasts! And I can even pronounce Khabibulin right. ;) What do you have to do to get into a job like that? How do you submit and develop ideas for xyz? I've got way too many ideas. How do you get your stories published? How do artists get their work shown?

A problem is that I don't have experience. How do you get experience? If you need experience to get experience... Bah, where do I start? Where do I look for opportunities? Hm, I don't know. My co-star in The Highwayman mentioned a place he's taking acting classes, so maybe that might be something to look into, to see if they could offer pointers. It seems to be about who you know, and I'm terrible at networking. Terrible at making friends too. I think that's the hesitant, not wanting to get too close or reveal too much nature of mine. There's always a distance, a reserve, my wall. Not yet comfortable breaking that down, although there are slightly bigger cracks in it now.

Hm... and I wonder, at work especially, if my trying to be more open and friendly gives off a different impression than I would like. I seem to act so happy and sweet. Could be just the over-politeness of being a server, but I'm that way with co-workers too, especially ones I don't know well. I don't feel happy though... But I seem like I'm just the cutest, nicest thing ever. *snicker* And it gets taxing after awhile. In my efforts to say something, it feels silly and fake. I know I want people to like me, so I'm always nice. But, I don't know if the impression I give is really me... It's like a false friendly me. But real me is unsociable. So, I don't know. Still figuring out that stuff too. I think I need to get out more, meet more people. Don't know where to start with that either though.
Tags: career, life, school, socializing, stareleon

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