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08 January 2009 @ 11:06 pm
Default icon: Can't remember where I found this. It was some collection of icons.

Oldest icon: My default icon. It's been my default the whole time I've had my journal!

Newest icon: I needed a Christmas icon and remembered Nightwish's Christmas greeting from last year. Tuomas does not look very happy in his little hat. *snicker*

Saddest icon: One of my stone angels.

Happiest: I think Kaylee looks pretty happy in this one.

Angriest: The Ranting Swede! I don't know if I've ever used this one... I don't do much ranting.

Cutest: This one even says cute! Although the cute yorkie just might have it beaten out.

Sexiest: Let me be your delight. Yep, pretty sexy.

Funniest: Take your pick. No, I'm not biased because I made them. ...Well, maybe.

Favorite ship: Hm... do I have any? Not really. I guess there's the Phantom and Christine or Kenshin and Tomoe.

Favorite fandom: Hm... I do love Lost. Though, based on prevalence, you might say Nightwish or Firefly/Serenity.

Favorite animated: Marron! Because it's hilarious! No, really, you have to watch that episode. *snicker* And I spent so much time screen-capping it just to make this icon!

Best quote: One of my favorite Firefly quotes. :)

Best textless: Hm... I don't know, I like a lot of them. This one speaks a lot though.

Best stolen idea: Um... Well, this one I yoinked because it was perfect.

Use the most: Hm, I think I use this River one a lot. Sort of pondering, curious, something new, or misc. other things.

Favorite icon: Hm... I think this one is still one of my favorites. Used to use it a lot. Now I have too many to choose from. *snicker*

How many icons do you have? 88!

Out of how many available icon spaces? 195. Yeah, I'm never going to use that many.

If you could buy space for more, would you? No, I already have too many! Although that was one reason I bought a permanent account. Will have to find icons to fill those up with...

Do your icons make a statement? I suppose. I have a lot of staring down ones... Kind of dark and artsy with some funny ones thrown in.

What fandom do you have the most icons of? Firefly. Because I have a ton of River icons. Cause crazy, psychic chicks just rock. :)

What ship do you have the most icons of? Um... does just River count? How about her and the coffin?

Are your icons made mostly by other people? Actually, I think most are made by me. Although a lot I just cropped from larger pictures.

Do you make icons? Yep. Haven't made any in awhile though, unless you count just cropping pictures.

Are they any good? I think they're pretty nifty, mostly. I dunno, how about you?

Animated icons are: Good for long quotes/jokes or neat effects. Not good if they go super fast and you can't read them, or they give you a seizure.
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Lynnsey: dramalynn82md on January 9th, 2009 09:55 am (UTC)
I love that 300 icon that you made too :)