Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, I noticed I hadn't posted in awhile. So, what have I been up to? Just working on stuff for my graphic novel class mostly. Here are a couple pictures:

Kazuo portrait

My teacher recommended the sort of stylized, dark shading style in my picture of Kazuo for my story. I will have to try out using ink though.

I've also been taking a tv/film acting workshop on Wednesdays. They do casting from the same studio, so they have a lot of good information about the industry. Denver mostly just does commercials though, so I think if I really want to get into film and television I'd have to move out to LA. But hopefully I'll be able to gain some confidence so that when the time comes I will feel ready.

I think that's my biggest problem--the shyness and insecurity when I'm just being myself. I don't have that confidence, I'm always nervous and worried about what people think. And I'm no good at making connections and promoting myself. So, if I do want to work as an actor, I think that becoming more confident in myself and my abilities and being more comfortable in any situation is a hurdle I will have to overcome. I have to be able to show people what I can do and not be timid about it. They only know what I show them. And I know I have talent; I need to be able to put it out there and not be afraid.

Hm, yeah that's about all. Things have been slow at work lately, so I haven't worked the last couple weekends. Wish I could find a "day job" that I really enjoyed too. I'd love to get paid for acting or modeling, but it's not exactly reliable income. I'm thinking I will go for my Bachelor's in Creative Writing, but don't know what sort of jobs that might help me get. I suppose I should talk to the department heads down at Metro sometime to get some advising.

Also, I found a lovely copy of Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales at Barnes and Noble. Now I just need a bigger bookshelf. Hm, some reorganization might be in order.
Tags: acting, artwork, career, characters, drawing, insecurity, lifeblood, school
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