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23 February 2009 @ 03:26 am
Man, my vocal range is so weird. Here, I had thought that E was the lowest note I could hit and still sound resonant, like I'm not dying. So, I was singing and noticed I was hitting a pretty low note in a song that I usually have a hard time hitting. So, I went and checked what note that was, and it was E flat. And then I thought, hm, and tried singing another song where I can never hit the lowest note. And it was a D. And it still sounded good! I am so pleased with that, lol.

So... what did I do differently today? Well, I was taking an emotional workshop over the weekend, and we did a lot of screaming. *snicker* Maybe that's it? Although, afterwards my throat hurt. But... maybe it helps to hit lower notes? I dunno, it's weird. I wonder if it will go away after awhile?

Also, the top note that I can hit varies. Usually, between A and C is the top of my range. But, I've been having a hard time hitting the high notes since my last cold, so A is even hard and G is about the top right now. But, I have, on a couple occasions been able to hit the high E that Christine hits at the end of Phantom of the Opera. It's possible... but really difficult... on good days... when I've warmed up all the way up the scale... So, yeah. Is it weird that it varies so much, or do most people's voices do the same thing?
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