Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

So, I watched the Harry Potter movies 2-4. I had seen parts of the first one... like everything but the middle, lol. He goes to Hogwarts and then... he defeats the dark lord! And... I don't know what happened in between. Dark lord trying to kill him for some reason... I don't know, he's just evil. Evil people do things like that. But then Jeff, who's seen them all and read the books is trying to fill me in, hehe. So, I think I understand the backstory, but I should probably watch the first one all the way through. *nods*

So Jeff and my sister think the fourth one is the best. I don't know, I rather preferred the third actually. Good plot twists and whatnot. So I do like the story. Didn't know if I would. Yes, it has taken me this long to get aboard Harry Potter.

I went to Opus Fest, a local fantasy festival, this weekend to help promote The Highwayman. My first convention. :) It was a lot of fun. I kind of wish there was more though, or that I had an easier time mingling with strangers. I was dressed in costume as Bess the first couple days, and then I put together my own costume for the third. And I even bought a hand-crafted wand... of evilness...ness.

We showed the trailer and acted out a few scenes from the movie. And, it's been settled that we're going to start shooting in August. It's been interesting seeing all that they've put into it so far. They've even gotten someone to send them footage of the English countryside to lend it some authenticity. (Colorado does not much look like England...) I'm really excited to be a part of it and to see how it will turn out.
Tags: acting, harry potter, movies
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