Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Squee! Elven/faerie-inspired clothing and accessories! I want!

It would be a lot of fun designing and making clothes for my own medieval-inspired fashion line. :) Maybe I could see if there is anyone at the renaissance festival who could use another hand.

In similar costuming-related news, I am helping with costumes for a local children's theatre as an internship with a small stipend. They're doing The Sound of Music, so I am going to be making seven little traditional Austrian costumes for the kids. And once I get that done, we'll see what else I can tackle. The show has plenty of costumes. :)

I'll also be helping with makeup for Seussical based on Dr. Seuss at the same theatre. And, I'm going to interview for another costuming position at another children's theatre. I am thrilled I actually found stuff available. :) And it'll be great to get some more experience too.
Tags: costuming, jobs, pretties
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