Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, we found out today that my grandmother passed away. She was 92 and had been declining in recent years, so it wasn't unexpected. I think I was more despondent upon hearing that she was suffering from dementia and couldn't remember people or where she was. It kind of feels like she'd already been gone in a way. At least now she's in a better place.

We'd been debating going up to see her again, but I think it would have been odd to see her in that state. I'd like to remember her as she was. We'll be driving up to South Dakota on Wednesday for the funeral. That will be a nice chance to say goodbye. I feel like just reflecting on and celebrating the good times we had, what I'd like to remember most about her.

Here's a couple lines that I wrote as part of a song back when I first heard about the degree of her dementia:

It's hard to know that you're still here
But you're already gone...

Will you remember me
When you pass on?
Tags: death, family
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