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Well... I won 2 tickets to see Dream Theater and the rest of the Progressive Nation tour Tuesday night. :) Had a hard time finding someone to go with me on such short notice (I'd gotten an email the day before), but someone in my acting workshop was a Frank Zappa fan and was more than happy to come along. :) We missed the first couple of bands, cause we were recording scenes in the workshop that night, but our coach kindly let us leave early.

I'd signed up for a contest to win tickets through the venue, but never expected to actually win. Not only was it a nice surprise that I'd be able to go to the concert, but the tickets were in the third row! We were standing right in front of John Myung. Like... 15 feet away. Close enough to make eye contact with them! Jordan Rudess was the greatest. He had a wizard hat!

Highlights of the evening include:

- They played Voices, one of my favorites
- James LaBrie: "I'm kneeling on the floor, staring at the wall, like mmhumhmm... I forgot the words."
- Mike Portnoy's repeated attempts at catching a drum stick thrown from offstage... he got it at last!
- Jordan Rudess dueling keyboards with his virtual wizard self!
- Jordan Rudess secretly pretending to put his wizard hat on John Myung's head
- They played Sacrificed Sons to images of 9/11 - "heads all turning towards the sky, towers crumble, heroes die" -very poignant
- They played The Count of Tuscany as an encore - I knew it!

Setlist, in approximate order:

A Nightmare to Remember
A Rite of Passage
John Petrucci/Jordan Rudess solo
Hollow Years
Jordan Rudess solo
Sacrificed Sons

The Count of Tuscany

I was kind of surprised there was nothing from Scenes from a Memory, but they did do some lesser-played songs, so it's nice to hear some of those.

The venue was very stringent with their no cameras/video policy, and I hadn't brought my camera anyway cause the pictures never come out well, but I did get a couple on my cell phone. Will have to figure out how to transfer those and see if they came out.

We did see the last part of Zappa Plays Zappa too. There was a lady who played saxophone, flute, and keyboards. (Though not simultaneously.) And a xylophone solo! It was pretty cool.

The only girlie shirt they had, I didn't care much for the design, so instead I bought a tourbook and their "official bootleg" cover of Metallica's Master of Puppets album.

I think I enjoyed their last concert more, probably cause they played longer, but these were definitely the best seats I've ever had. :)
Tags: dream theater, music
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