Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

We shot a short film last weekend, in which I played a creepy old woman who kidnaps children. (Whee!)

Had a bit of a rough start involving some makeup frustrations, but it got better as the day went along. It turned out to be pretty fun.

Note to self: when going up to the mountains or filming outdoors (or both) be sure to bring extra socks and/or shoes. I went traipsing through a chilly little creek on several different takes and very nearly got frostbite. (Seriously, I couldn't feel my toes. I feared I would take off my sock and find them all black and blue. *cringe*) I took off my left sopping wet boot while driving because I thought my toes couldn't stand that cold environment anymore. I wisely chose not to attempt to remove the right one. ;)

Here's some pics of me as an ugly old woman on location and some from when I was practicing my makeup a few nights before. I think the practice version came out better. With the prosthetic nose and latex added, it made it hard to blend the makeup. But, it still turned out alright. Will have to wait and see how it looks on video.

Tags: acting, makeup, pictures
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