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The great debate...

I put in a new set of contacts today, and my eyes feel soooo much better...

I've decided that I should start writing one of my stories again, and work to the goal of actually finishing it and getting it published. But the questions is, which do I want to focus on? I have narrowed it down to three, one being my medieval fantasy world, one being my story about Otherkin, and one being my tale about a young man in a mental institution that I had started on a couple years ago...

The last two, I have more of an idea of where I want to go with them, since I've had more time to develop them, but the only problem is that I would have to do a lot more research. I would have to get more information on angelics and demons for the second, which I could probably find online. But for the third, I may want to take a course on psychology, or at least get some more books on the subject.

So... I am leaning toward focusing on my fantasy story, since I wouldn't have to base it on anything factual, I could create the entire world in my head. (Though I may want to read more about Seelie and Unseelie fae, and a few other things from typical fantasy.) But.. I would also have to develop a plot that actually makes sense, and isn't too clichey. :) I think I have a main character in mind, though I want a broader storyline to encompass his own.

Well, at least I am beginning to take steps to overcome inertia and actually get things in my life moving... Some things seem like such a long way off, but if I take it one step at a time, I'll get there.. eventually...

They took pictures of our dreams
Ran to hide behind the stairs
And said, "Maybe when it's right for you, they'll fall"
But if they don't come down
Resist the urge to pull them in
And throw them away
Better to save the mystery
Than surrender to the secret
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