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10 March 2010 @ 07:02 pm
Writer's Block: Kids or child-free?  
Whether you've chosen to have children or live child-free, how and when did you (or will you) reach this decision? If you're in a relationship, did you (or will you) decide separately or together?

Growing up, I thought I would have kids. But after high school I changed my mind. For awhile I thought nope, I'd never have kids. Just didn't see myself as a parenting type, and I'd be too focused on my own endeavors. Also, I am pretty scared of pregnancy and childbirth. But I suppose I might be open to the idea later on in my life. Maybe adoption. It would depend upon the thoughts of my significant other. I think it is a decision we would both have to be comfortable with. Overall, it would just depend upon what my feelings are, if I feel it is something I would be prepared for. So yeah, no rush, no real desire. But I wouldn't completely eliminate the possibility should my feelings change in the future.